Cassandra Anda - Enriching your art and soul in Broward County & surrounding area
Welcome to Arts, Crafts and Confidence and Artbeat Evolution!  We love to sketch and blind draw, explore technique, ink, watercolor and craft while building confidence and reinforcing life skills.
The art class for kids that comes to you! 
Do your children love to draw, paint, and build? We offer an introduction to the fundamentals of fine art in a positive, upbeat environment!
Cassandra Anda. One of my favorite places to clear my thoughts.
   Its with every ounce of passion I commit to the idea that confidence, well built character, balance and creativity are essential to a successful existence.  It's this philosophy, that I carry into each art lesson. 
    "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seed that you plant."  -Robert Louis Stevenson.  
Exploring watercolors. Paintbrushes. You never know how your work will turn out unless you finish it. They always say
   I offer kids art classes that are specially designed to take every moment and make it count.  
   Arts, Crafts and Confidence classes are for younger children and while they are packed full of drawing, painting, bits of art history, printmaking and clay, we enrich classes with core values and lots of encouragement. Children walk away from art classes with a sense of confidence, self worth and some awesome fine art work of their own! 
This is no ordinary clay turtle way to go creativity!    Art classes are small, upbeat and full of great energy! We really get into it, so roll up your sleeves and let's paint!
   Artbeat Evolution is made for teenagers and also introduces students to drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, art history and other media while encouraging students to problem solve situations in life as they would in art. Critical thinking and other life skills are apparent in all lessons. Artbeat Evolution classes work to strip away the shells and discover whats inside.  Students who take these art lessons will walk away with fine art work of their own and a fundamental understanding of various art medias while considering goals, how to reach them and to travel through confidently. 
 We introduce students to the fundamentals of fine art and have a blast doing it! So if you find your child to be true artist at heart or they just want to try something new, check out one of our art classes. Come see what its all about......
  Currently we have ongoing art classes at Ty Park in Hollywood, FL and are available for art birthday parties, private art lessons or groups. For more information, please visit our upcoming fine art lessons for kids page.  

Grab a brush and lets paint! Key to anything is practice! Whether its sports, academics, or art class, the key is PRACTICE!
art classes in Hollywood, FL
Background experience: 
Art Instructor offering art classes at TY Park, private groups through out  Broward County, art parties, private art lessons and more!
  • Art classes for military youth
  • Elementary school art enrichment classes
  • Meet the Masters volunteer (program that introduces students to well known artists and their work) 
  • Organized student art work auction for art club
  • over 90 college credits comprised of elementary education, social sciences, and fine art
  • Volunteer mentoring orientation hours for America Reads Program
  • Numerous volunteer hours with military family programs during youth symposiums, adventure camp and family retreat that focus on 7 Healthy Habits
  • Time in public and private school environments as a tutor  
  • Level II Background clearance and Virtus Training
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